Money Disinfectant Machine $49.77/Piece, (2 Pieces/Carton)


Comprehensive Sterilization for daily use of money, 3 technologies in 1 device, 2 UV wavelength and 1 Ozone Generation, for fully safe Disinfection.

Suitable for Banks, cashiers, home, and sales points.

99.99% Disinfection rate.

Very simple to use it anywhere for almost all the stuff to keep you and your family safe from all types of viruses and bacteria.

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3 technologies in 1 device, 2 UV wavelengths and 1 Ozone Generation, for fully safe Disinfection.

  • UV lamp Power source: 240-250V
  • UV lamp current: 5mA
  • UV lamp power consumption:1.2W
  • UV intensity: 3000 Microwatt
  • UV 2 wavelength: 185+254 Nanometer

185nm UV can change O2 to be O3, O3 has strong oxidizing character, it is effective for killing bacteria.
254nm UV can kill bacteria by irradiating microbes DNA.

254nm UV travels in straight line,  if 254nm UV can not reach bottom of notes,  185nm changed O3 can kill bateria, this can make up 254nm shortage.

Further more there are extra Ozone Generation 200mg/h at the bottom,  it will assure to kill all the bacteria and viruses in parallel with the UV as well.

>185nm+254nm+Ozone>>> All 3 ways for very high quality and efficiency of disinfection.


Package: 1pc/box, 2pcs/ctn, 8.1kgs/ctn,  Carton size: 67x38x34cm (0.087cbm)

Additional information

Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 67 × 38 × 34 cm

2 Pieces.


Blue, Dark Gray, Green, Orange, Pink


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