UVC Disinfection Pack COVID-Killer, $29.5/Piece, (20 Pieces)


Comprehensive Sterilization for daily use of money, masks, underwear, phones, jewelry, toys, and accessories.

Stylish, Beautiful, safe and high efficiency.

99.99% Disinfection rate.

Very simple to use it anywhere for almost all the stuff to keep you and your family safe from all type of viruses and bacteria.

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USB power supply, so easy to connect it from you phone charger, car, power bank, or your laptop.

Authoritative Certification 99.99% sterilization reports.

Super UV that’s kills all type of viruses and bacteria such as covid-19, SARS, H1N1, Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and poliovirus.

Fully disinfection without any dead angle, odor remover, simply On-Off control, portable and containing, and cool stylish material.


Technical Specs and Certificates:

  1. Input Voltage: SV.
  2. Input Ampere: 700mA.
  3. UVC Power: 3W.
  4. UVC Wavelength: 185/254nm.
  5. Recommend Operating temperature : 0-40°c.
  6. 254nm radiation intensity: 3.0mw/cm2.
  7. Recommend time for disinfection: >15min/time.
  8. Product size: 24*13*12cm.
  9. Package size: 25.3xl4.5xl4.5cm/pcs.
  10. Cartoon Size: 54 x 42×31 cm.
  11. Quantity per cartoon: 20pcs/Carton.
  12. Color: Red, and Black.
  13. Certificate: CE, FCC, Rohs, Microbiological testing report.
  14. Surface material: 290T high-elastic high-density nylon composite material; Inner material: EVA aluminum film
  15. Operating temperature of lamp tube: 40-60°C

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 75 × 27 × 61 cm

1 Carton box (20 pieces).


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